Integrity and Reliability

Dusara Company conducts its relations with their Customers within the framework of mutual trust and integrity.

Environment-Friendly Approach

Established in 2012 based on the principle for ensuring effective use of water and energy, and thus the protection of vital resources, Dusara cares to protect the environment in all their activities.


Dusara always prioritizes quality. And aims to provide products and services beyond the expectations of their customers.

Being Customer-Oriented

The first priority for Dusara is to provide effective solutions in line with changing customer requirements. Dusara aims to provide their customers an excellent experience both during and after the purchase.

Ensuring Employee Satisfaction

The first key to success in Dusara is the “human resources”. Thus, it is aimed to provide the conditions to motivate the employees and to make Dusara one of the companies that the individuals want to be employed most in the pump industry.